Exulcerate – Brutal Perseverance through it all

For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember, Exulcerate is a metal band from San Antonio, TX.  The band originally formed in 2003.  Exulcerate could fit in the genres of death metal, gore, technical death with elements of grind, etc. – if you’re into classifications. To me, they’re one of the most brutal and real bands around.  As time goes on, life happens, things change . . . people have to adapt to whatever their current needs demand.  It happens. 

Exulcerate is now comprised of Dave Gonzalez on guitar and Matt Hernandez on bass and vocal duties. They play to a drum track at this time as they can’t find a reliable and committed enough drummer available in the area.

Dave and Matt are both virtuosos at their instruments and Matt’s vocals are, to put it simply, brutally pissed and from the gut.  Their songs and sound are full of genuine anger, fast and technical playing, and intimidating rhythms.  Exulcerate performances are highly entertaining as they force their way into your eardrums at volumes that will make your ears bleed.  Matt’s interaction with the audience and/or commentary of discontent on a variety of topics is always memorable and in my opinion, hilarious. 

Exulcerate has persevered through the years – and I hope they continue to do so for many more.  There is something inspiring about how brutal Dave and Matt are in their dedication to keeping the metal of Exulcerate alive and well, or sick and twisted . . . whatever works for you.    

By Zach Marcotte


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