A friendly debate regarding Metallica . . .

The following is a series of text messages between one of my closest childhood friends, James Williamson, and myself regarding Metallica . . . and so it goes:

James: http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/03/listen-metallicas-new-song-lords-of-summer-garage-demo-version/

Zach: Interesting.  Need to give it a full listen, but best stuff I’ve heard from them since reload . . .

James: It’s got an old kinda trashy sound. 8 minutes long.

James: Thrasy

James: Thrashy

Zach: Too long to be thrash though.  They just need to play something badass and not try to reinvent the wheel.  I guess they’ve always had the long songs though . . . I’m still pissed about the whole napster thing.  Haha.

James: Haha.  I forgave them for that.  I try to listen to their new stuff without the influence of their old stuff.  I think old fans can be too hard on them.  What band that’s been around for 30+ years hasn’t changed their sound?

James: I actually really liked Death Magnetic.  This song is different from that though.

Zach: The Rolling Stones.

Zach: ACDC

Zach: Haha

James: Haha ok I’ll give you those.  Led Zeppelin changed a lot in 15 years.

Zach: So did the Beatles and everybody else . . . Megadeth, Danzig, even Deicide and Morbid Angel.  You’re right, Metallica is a timeless and great band in the big picture.  Just not a fan of their drama.

James:  I’m not saying everyone has to like it just because it’s Metallica but just judge each record on its own merit.  It doesn’t have to sound like puppets or lightning to be good.

Zach: True.  But people don’t have to like it because it is good in the sense of songwriting, production quality, etc.  I miss the balls of kill em all, the epic dark songs of ride the lightning, the thrash of puppets, the progression of justice, and even the groove of the black album.  I even give em load and reload because they were trying different stuff . . . Then the rebirth stuff hasn’t had the same merit even if it is technically good.  Seems forced and dishonest . . . Just saying’ 🙂

Zach: If it wasn’t Metallica I’d think it was a new band trying to sell records.

James:  I hear you there.  I think some guys automatically disqualify it just because it doesn’t sound like puppets.  Guys should at least give it a shot and if it’s not their cup of tea, that’s cool.

James:  Think some guys may actually like it but say they don’t because it’s not puppets.  Not saying that’s you dude.

James:  I’m enjoying this debate.  I don’t have anyone to talk metal with at work.

James: Check out this video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/hlrJ96IX0V8

James: What about that?

Zach: Nice . . . Good version . . . Sorry got caught up at work.  We need to have a satellite radio show.

James: We really do. Metal, beer, wrestling, video games, bowling

Zach: Yep. Where do we sign up?

Zach: I honestly think Metallica just opened the door for me to other music.  They’ve got a special spot in my heart, but it’s like going back to an ex or something . . . You know what you’re getting into . . . The good and the frustrating.  You still like what you were first drawn to about them, but you’ve grown and know they’re not perfect.  Hahaha.

James: Haha good analogy


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