What is next for 150 LBS of Terror? It doesn’t matter anyway . . .


I have this little “solo” noise project that started as an inside joke. It’s called 150 LBS of TERROR. That’s how much I weighed at the time of my first performance with this project. An old band cancelled a week before a gig we had agreed to play months in advance . . . it was going to be a fun show too, nothing but friends’ bands playing for our friend on his birthday. Anyway, I wanted to be sure to do something in support of my buddy . . . so I did, and it was terrible. Some people couldn’t watch, some people did, some people were concerned, and some people were curious.

That’s the point I suppose. If someone wanted to analyze it, I imagine parody, tongue in cheek, and performance art would be in there somewhere . . . for me, I simply hope to encourage or inspire people with actual talent to do something greater.

I am not a musician. I do love music. All kinds of it. I read somewhere that music exercises your brain on a higher level . . . Something about the moment it enters your ears and stimulates feelings that can lead to muscular movements indicating enjoyment, such as tapping your foot in rhythm or pumping your fist in the air. Something about a higher level of brain function that is similar to feelings necessary for human survival. Something like that. Anyway, what I create is a soundscape of sorts that started as a joke. It reminds me of a bad score to a bad horror movie.

I occasionally get asked to perform my short noise “set” . . . and I always apologize in advance. I’m excited to be opening for The Grasshopper Lies Heavy this evening at the 1011.

Life is temporary, tell the people you love you love them. Confront your inner demon, tame it, and befriend it. Teach it to walk around without a leash.


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