My last show of 2013 and Happy Birthday Travis Bonner

It was somewhat spontaneous and a good decision overall to make the trip up to Austin, TX to visit some friends and check out a great show on 12/30/13. We made a stop at the Wright Bros. Brew & Brew – a great neighborhood hangout over off East 6th and San Marcos with great craft beer, coffee, and food. Thank you again Matt, Grady, and Trey – so awesome to live in such a small world . . . and I don’t know about you Danny, but it was great to see you too my friend.

We arrived at Red 7 and unfortunately missed the first band . . . I think, but am not certain. We said our hello’s to the other San Antonio folk that went up to the show and our Austin bud’s and acquaintances.

Curse the Heavens took the stage and put on a great show as always – very powerful, heavy, bold, and solid.

Pushmen were next up and were amazing – vicious, professional, in-your-face, and entertaining.

The headliners, an all time favorite of mine, EYEHATEGOD, closed out the evening in what I think has been one of their best performances that I’ve seen. Over their 25 years of abuse, I’ve seen them at least a dozen times and they always put on a great show . . . but there was something different about tonight.

Every band member was in great spirits, the crowd was beyond eager and excited for their performance, and there was just an overall good vibe . . . peace in the chaos and noise if you will. The band was all smiles between brutal songs as they joked with each other, flicked each other off, and exchanged banter with the intimate indoor crowd at Red 7. Everything was the way it was supposed to be. After vocalist Michael Williams introduced their new drummer to a welcoming applause, he explained with a smile, “We had a fucked up year . . . but fuck that, we’re going to keep going . . .” A motto for the New Year in 2014 and lesson in life . . . enjoy the time you have.

By Zach Marcotte


Jerrod Kingery rules plus a review of Anchorman 2

My lifelong friend, Jerrod Kingery, has been able to follow the dreams of his youth into adulthood. He was always creating something . . . and it was always hilarious. Whether it was a flashing Copacabana button (is that right? – I think we were in elementary school at the time) or fabricated horns on a street hockey helmet (high school weekends), it was always done with precision and a care for the details. There was always a wide variety of puppets which eventually led him and his now fianc√©e (congrats buddy) to some airtime on Conan. I’m not sure how far that went, but I know there was communication afterward. Jerrod works and writes for a local news station in San Antonio, and has been able to do some rad things that led up to his current position. Most of them somewhat parallel to what he gets paid to do. Must be nice ūüôā

This leads me to Kosmic Kung Fu Warriors, a project Jerrod lead that initially began “filming” for a project in astronomy class. I was fortunate enough to have a role in the short “film,” along with probably 25 other high school age males and females (roughly 23 males and 2 females). My father will still mention the damage we did to the yard in our epic battles. When I say “role” – I mean that my character had a name and that I jumped off the roof a couple times, jumped/got hit by a slow moving car (“I’m on the hood”), did some relatively rehearsed “fighting,” and had some speaking lines. I’d like to think that some of the dialogue helped assist in receiving a passing grade for Jerrod in Kosmic Kung Fu Warriors 2.

Now, the sewer we filmed in with great ease is locked up tight and the pavilion we filmed a massive fight scene in is a building that sells day old bread – I think. I wonder if the cop who stopped by and asked us why we weren’t in school (he forgot it was a holiday) is still a cop? Anyway, those were simpler times and good times . . . the times of innocent youth. It was a bad day when we couldn’t afford to go to Taco Bell . . .

Finally, the connection to Anchorman 2 . . . if you haven’t seen it, go in with no expectations. This will help your overall appreciation of the movie. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but I was thrown at first . . . are they trying too hard . . . are they trying too hard on purpose? Are they laughing at the audience? Why the big marketing push? The questions raced in my head and then I finally let go after an obviously intentional bad editing cut . . . they are just having fun making a movie. Must be nice. ūüôā

Anchorman 2 is everything having to do with funny. It is a parody, a satire, and even Shakespearean in some aspects. Anchorman 2 follows the model of The Empire Strikes Back and is darker overall. It is even filmed different – it has a different feel and look. Anchorman 2 is a borderline tragedy and comes back triumphant. The movie even has some moral and ethical lessons. There are so many great cameos during a hilarious fight scene . . . Anchorman 2 is ridiculous, absurd, and genius.

By Zach Marcotte

Album review of Evil United – Honored by Fire

Evil United give us a timeless piece of great metal with their latest work titled, “Honored by Fire.”¬† It is exciting and refreshing to hear something honest,¬†genuine and just simply¬†classic.¬† Comprised of¬†Jason McMaster on vocals, Don “DVS” Van Stavern on bass, Todd “Bird” Connally on guitar, Jason “Shakes” West on drums, and John “JV4” Valenzuela¬†also on guitar, Evil United is an¬†all star lineup of legends.

These professionals do it right.¬† With technically proficient and experienced members all around, “Honored by Fire” is everything a true new heavy metal album should be.¬† Evil United assaults your ears in the way you want them to.¬† The lyrics and overall presentation take you away to a different time and place . . . “Honored by Fire” has speed,¬†groove,¬†shredding,¬†and menacing yet distinguishable vocal delivery.¬† With song titles such as Dead Can See, Tombspawn, and Viking Funeral, the listener knows what they are in for – a perfect example of¬†heavy metal.

I haven’t been excited about buying a CD at a show in a long time – this brought me back . . .

There is something really good about Evil United.  Get it?  Did you like what I did there?  Check them out and support this band  

Written by Zach Marcotte